Mariel Padilla ginulat ang marami sa kanyang new looks at timbang ngayon

With her swift weight transformation, Mariel Padilla shocked her fans.

It seems like the star, despite being a full-time mom to her two daughters, has made extra time for herself now.

The actress posted pictures of her and even Tiktok’s video showing her slimmer body. In reality, last Valentine’s Day, she had a fancy romantic date with Robin Padilla’s husband.

At the Museo de Padilla, she arranged something exquisite and unique. She had previously posted a series of images of her sporting an exquisite black coat.

It’s clear that Mariel looks slimmer than she was before. And her face, which became chubby in her post partum body, now looks thinner.

She happily announced last month that she’d already lost 30 pounds. The actress posted a shot sporting a white top and sunglasses on her Instagram.

“Yeesssss… I lost 30lbs already!!! Yaaaaaaay!!! Still, a long way to go but getting there,” she wrote in the caption.

Since she gave birth to her daughters, Maria Isabela and Maria Gabriela, Mariel gained a lot of weight. At the point, she also gets critical feedback saying that she is “mataba.”

The mom of two, though, was very adamant on why she was gaining a lot of weight. It’s because she decided to breastfeed her girls when they were 1 year old, so she had to eat a lot of nutritious meals.

Aside from this, as their babies get calories from the bottle, breastfeeding moms are hungry all the time.

Meanwhile, because of her immediate weight loss reversal, plenty of her fans are shocked. It looks like Mommy Mariel is now fit for her summer body!


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