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Amid reports of rifts with Janno Gibbs, Are Kitkat’s cryptic messages tells us what’s really going on between them?

After reports of alleged conflict on the show surfaced on social media, Kitkat and Janno Gibbs, went under the spotlight.

Although the two parties concerned continued to maintain their silence about the allegations, netizens discovered some cryptic messages posted by Kitkat.

In a series of Instagram posts, Kitkat has posted pictures of quotes about other people’s treatment and about “using the victim card.”

Here are some of her posts.

“Apparently, when you treat people the same way they treat you, they get offended.”

“Beware of perpetrators in disguise. Some people set fires wherever they go and have mastered the art of playing the burn victim.”

Kitkat also posted a quote about narcissists and men having respect for women in addition to this.

“A real man knows how to respect a woman because he knows the feeling if someone would disrespect his mother.”

According to the reports, this was all started after Janno Gibbs allegedly got exposed behind the camera. It is said that the actor raised his voice and bad-mouthed Kitkat.

In addition, as this occurred during the set of their show Happy Time, several people witnessed this.

“Ang dating po sa amin ay napikon po si Janno kasi naunahan siyang makuha ‘yung scarf ng team ni Marco sa Kantanungan na game. Tapos nagalit na kung ano-ano na sinabi. Si Marco po ang kalaban niya, si Kitkat po siya ‘yung nagho-host,” of the people who saw the incident shared.

As of this writing, both Kitkat and Janno have still yet to address the issue surrounding them.

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