Netizens Nagulat sa Pagbabago ng Ex-Pbb Housemate na si Angelie Reposposa

The girl Angelie Reposposa was first recognized by the public when she became one of the participants of Its Showtime’s “Tawag ng Tanghalan”.

The girl’s participation in “Tawag ng Tanghalan” was the way so that she could enter the Pinoy Big Brother House.

It was Vice Ganda who entertained the girl in the said contest, she can say here that she wants to enter the PBB. Whereof of those times the said reality TV show was already looking for housemates.

As Angelie entered the PBB, the public saw even more of the girl’s true identity. Her cheerfulness and her being a great singer. Here he is also known as “Lei”.

If we go back to the way we met Lei before, she is a simple girl who does not put any lipstick on her face. When it comes to her clothes, her simplicity can still be said.

But now, there is a big change that amazes her fans, especially when it comes to grooming herself.

In her new photos today on social media, you can really see the change in Lei.

Her “kayumanggi skin” is now white, and it is also noteworthy that she seems slim now and puts makeup on her face.

It can also be noticed on the girl’s social media account, that she is now more confident in herself. There are some pictures of it, which can be seen its slimness now, compared to then.

There is also a picture of her, which makes the whiteness of her complexion, and her makeup on her face even more noticeable.


From what we see in Lei today, we can say that the girl has become more attractive because of her new version of herself.

We can say that there is a better future waiting for the girl’s career. Especially now that her hidden beauty is more visible, which was not noticed before because of her simplicity.

A very talented artist who deserves to be transformed.

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